open is featured at The Brass Lamp Book Bar & Lounge, a new coffee and wine bar on the Promenade in Downtown Long Beach.

Along with a new home for open’s eclectic books, comes a renewed focus on open’s core mission … the art of the printed word!

Join OPEN and the Long Beach Public Library for the LONG BEACH Book Club

Next meeting is October 26,  At “Drinks with Tim”, you can meet & mingle with Tim Grobaty, author of our next book, I’m Dyin’ Here. The Open LBPL Book Club is hosting the evening in partnership with Brown Paper Press, an independent small press in Long Beach. More details will be announced here! Wednesday | October 26, 2016 | 6-8pm | FREE



what is open?

Open is a curated literary installation, where the book itself is the medium.

Open features an evolving, hand-picked selection of new and used books, including a collection of titles curated by an eclectic group of experts, luminaries and up-and-comers.

read about Open’s re-opening in the Long Beach Post

open is open lb post




how does this work?

you are encouraged to read any of the books! if you wish to take them home, please purchase them from your server or hostess.

latest titles